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How do I cut this Giant Cake?!?!

Above there are two diagrams and two different videos to show you different options on how to cut your cake correctly to get the maximum amount of servings. Watching before your event will make the cake cutting part of your event much easier(and less messy.)

In all of our tiered cake there are boba straws on the bottom layers for support. Simply remove each straw out and proceed to cut the cake.

Under each tier of cake is a cake board for added support, you may either cut the cake on top of each layer of remove the tier and then cut on a hard surface. 

How do I care for my cake/desserts?

Once you receive the cake we recommend it stays refrigerated to keep cool and safe until the time of your event.

We recommend to only keep your cakes out and unrefrigerated for a MAX of 5 hours. 

Before you are prepared to serve your cake, be sure to let sit at room temperature for at least 30 minutes o make cutting and serving easier. 

If you will be traveling with your cake:

*It is especially important to refrigerate until cake is firm to avoid any problems while in transit.

*NEVER put your cake on the passenger seat or have a passaenger hold it on their lap, that increases the chance of damage significantly.


*ALWAYS make room for your cake on the floor of your car, either passenger floor or trunk. We will provide a nonslip lining to put under cake box which will help prevent moving while driving.

* Any cake/dessert with buttercream should be refrigerated for as long as possible prior to your event*

Delivery & Policies

Delivery for larger cakes is always recommended, but not required.

There is a minimum delivery charge of $20.00 for a 15 mile radius from our location(Chino, CA). Surrounding cities this includes is Chino Hills, Eastvale, Pomona, Ontario.

Although the final delivery price is determined by TOTAL(there & back) traveled, if you would like an exact quote please send exact address of your event. 

By choosing to have your items delivered it ensures safe arrival to the event. 

By choosing to pick up the cake/dessert you then take on the responsibility of its well being. 

Once in customers possession Sweet Pal O' Mine Bakeshop is no longer liable.

We are not responsible for any damage that occurs to cake or desserts once it is in the clients possession.

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