The Turkey Cake

The Thanksgiving Dinner Cake

Corn bread cake, Mashed potatoes "frosting", Gravy "dripp"& topped with a fried chicken drumstick

The Apple Pie Cake

Cinnamon cake, Apple pie filling, iced in a cinnamon sugar buttercream & decorated with pieces of pie crust.


6"(feeds 11-13 approx.): $50

8"(feeds 22-25 approx.): $70

Cookie Prices:

Assorted Decorated Sugar Cookies: $36 per dozen

*specify if you would like "gobble" included*

Turkey French Macarons: $25 per dozen

*Vanilla flavor* *Contains nuts*

Be Thankful

Game Time

The Pilgrim

Cutie Pies

Goblle Gobble


$5 each

Minimum of $25 order

Cookie Pie:


Can be made to look like pumpkin, chocolate or cherry pie!

Name Plaques:

$3.50 each

*minimum of 6*

Bagged & bowed: $4.00 each

*minimum of 6*

Pop Prices:

Cake Pops: $25 per dozen

Available in Vanilla & Chocolate

*one flavor per dozen*

Pie Pops: $24 per dozen

Available in Apple & Pumpkin Pie

*one flavor per dozen*

Cupcake Prices:

Cupcake with turkey topper: $36 per dozen

Cupcake with pie crust topper: $30 per dozen

Flavors Available:





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